All 6″ Wide Boards
All 6″ Wide Boards
6″ & 4″ Wide Alternating Boards
6″ & 4″ Wide Alternating Boards
All 6″ Wide Boards
All 6″ Wide Boards
6″ & 4″ Wide Alternating Boards
All 6″ Wide Boards
All 6″ Wide Boards
Picket Styles
Renewed Board Styles

A custom wood fence is a lasting investment – something you will enjoy for many years to come! Arrow Fence offers a large selection of styles in custom wood fencing as shown. All are available in Western Red Cedar, Pressure Treated, or Hemlock. Pricing is the same, no matter which style you choose – the only difference in price is the wood that you select.

All boards are individually cut and styled in our wood shop prior to installation. When installed, the boards can either butt together for privacy, or be spaced 1″ to 2″ apart for a semi-private fence.

Western Red Cedar
  • “Ages” from a rich red to a platinum sheen – cannot be matched for performance and timeless beauty
  • Boards will be straighter and clearer (virtually free from knots) than most other woods
  • Resistant to wet conditions, insects and fungus
  • Never needs painting, staining, or any other protection
Hemlock Wood
  • Member of the pine family
  • Inexpensive because of its abundance and low transportation costs
  • Very brittle and soft, and not uniform in size
  • Pickets have a rustic look
  • Very durable for this area
  • Life span of 7 to 10 years
  • Stain or wood preservative will increase longevity